Hello, I’m Zbreh here. Thumbnail and Digital Artist.

Hi there! I’m a WoW thumbnail artist with a passion for creativity. My journey began when my fan art caught the attention of content creators, leading to collaborations with some of my YouTube idols. With a deep love for WoW since The Burning Crusade, I bring a unique understanding of the game and its YouTube community to my work, capturing its essence through my creations.

Why work with me ?

With my expertise in crafting YouTube thumbnails inspired by the captivating world of World of Warcraft, I’m here to make your content visually irresistible! As a passionate enthusiast of art and storytelling, I have a deep understanding of WoW’s aesthetic and culture. Collaborating with me means enjoying a personalized approach and unique thumbnails that will instantly grab your audience’s attention. Whether you’re a beginner creator or a seasoned veteran, I’m here to help you shine on YouTube with style and flair!

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Yeah he's actually goated, and makes changes to my notes INSTANTLY. Literally reinvigorated my love for YouTube, because I hate thumbnails lol